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Why Responsive Website Design?

‘Responsive’ word itself indicates its meaning i.e. containing or using Responses. The Word ‘Responsive’ in the I.T world is no longer uncommon among the people who are running their businesses online or over Web

‘Responsive’ word itself indicates its meaning i.e. containing or using Responses. The Word ‘Responsive’ in the I.T world is no longer uncommon among the people who are running their businesses online or over Web or Mobile Platforms. With the cradle of WWW (World Wide Web), doing business online with a web or Mobile presence is not limited to a selected audience these days but rather this has become a trend to do business worldwide. Further, having a web presence is not restricted to set of specific businesses or service areas instead it has become the first preference for any business personnel to run their business efficiently. Online/Web Business has benefited small to large companies globally. If it is a start up, mid-sized or large sized entity, everyone on this earth can have web or mobile presence regardless of their service area or business size.

When it comes to having website presence, The Word ‘Responsive’ comes along with. When we have a desktop based structure in place we can easily modify it, with HTML 5 and doing some changes in fluid grids, flexible images, media queries and CSS to make it compatible for mobile devices and we call it as ‘Responsive Website Design’ i.e. Mobile Friendly/Compatible website. These days’ people are going mobile hence it is important to target mobile audience for procuring more business. Responsive Website design is cheaper option in comparison to other alternatives for going mobile so even start-ups can well afford it. The websites made using Responsive Designs are light, smooth and swift to load or access. But still why Responsive Website Design, As an example, Below are some facts taken from a small segment/area of the World to enlighten the topic as ‘why it is important to have a Responsive Website Design these days’.
In a recent study held in America on Mobile Users, which was highlighted in the issue of Forbes magazine, it has been observed that:

• There were over 2.1 billion mobile-broadband subscription
• 87% of the American Adults have cell Phone
• 45% of American Adults have a smart Phone
• 90% use their phones to go online
• 55% of the overall population use their cell phones to go online, 31% of which go online mostly using their phones rather than a computer or other device.
• American Consumers spend an average of 1.4 hours per day surfing the web on a mobile device.
• 37% of cell phone owners and 64% of Smartphone owners use their phone to get news online.
• 74% of mobile visitors will abandon a site if it takes more than 5 second to download.

This is the scenario and situation in whole world and just not limited to America/USA.

Let’s throw some more light from different angles to better understand as “Why it is necessary to have Responsive Website Design these days”

• From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view it is strongly recommended by Google to have responsive Design Sites as Responsive Design Sites have one url and the same HTML, irrespective of device hence it gets easier for Google to crawl, index and organize content. Google prefers responsive website design because it is easy to share, link to or interact with the content on a website having one url.
• Responsive Website Design provides best user experience and interface. It is cheaper to have the website design responsive than to develop a native mobile application or mobile websites.
• If you have same website working on mobile as well as desktop/web platform then it can be easily updated and managed. It is far better to manage SEO campaigns of one website than managing 2 sites and 2 SEO campaigns.

Responsive Website Design has thus become essential to stand up above the competition and increase customers reach for business growth, hence get the website design made responsive soon. If it is a WordPress, PHP, Magento, Drupal or .net website, don’t worry about the technology, with the usage of HTML 5 any website can be made responsive i.e. Mobile Compatible/Friendly or Website that can fit on multiple screen resolution.

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