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Social Networking

WebElephant – Social Network Development

It goes without saying that social networking sites are the hottest Internet properties in existence these days. Just the names of sites like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook conjures in mind the army of millions of internet users anxious to build relationships and share information online with other participants.

Social networking Development – These sites are highly interactive, ensuring user loyalty and consistent participation. A powerful Content Management System (CMS) to keep things in order, and administer over the many functions of a social networking site would be very important.

We specialize in building customized social networking tailored to suit your special needs and specifications. Recent trends have shown that not only famous social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube make it in the social networking development area, but a lot of companies are starting to offer social networks and components for their clients as well as their employees.

We can offer social networking development solutions tailored to your needs in a staged, timely fashion. For our clients, we present herewith some benefits and features that can be included in a custom social networking solution developed by us:


  • Keeping track of all new and existing users of the site and their login information.
  • Ensuring that no one is able to create multiple online personalities for the purpose of deceiving other users.
  • Monitoring postings to the site to weed out unacceptable language and users.
  • Safe and secure for both the site operator and the users.


  • Professional custom designs
  • Customizable online form
  • Add, edit or delete text, images, links, colors and existing pages
  • Integrated JavaScript text editor
  • Store files and images in CMS ‘libraries’
  • Automated site map of your web pages
  • Automated logs of page changes and edits
  • Meta data management
  • Backup facility through administration area
  • Advanced editing capabilities with HTML
  • Extendable site through addition of new pages
  • Online help pages on hand from admin area
  • Add content in ‘simple’ or ‘advanced’ ways
  • Disability compliance – safe and legal
  • Content approval – draft mode