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Open Source Development

The Era of Open Source

Open Source is the technology for the people, of the people and by the people; a truly democratic system where the source code of the software is available freely (well, almost) for anybody to use, reuse and develop upon. Ever since the internet came into being, there has been a strong Open Source community working full-time to develop some of the best software programs and applications in the world.

However, the outlook isn’t that rosy. Even the best open source technology cannot fulfil the diverse demands of the web. With thousands of similar websites, you need to create an identity of your own. Open source customization is the key, which mainly deals with PHP programming and various content management and e-commerce systems. We provide open source customization and integration services in the following areas:

Open Source Web Development

Open source development starts with PHP programming or more specifically, PHP as part of the LAMP stack (Linux Operating System, Apache Server, MySQL Database and PHP). Our highly motivated and creative team of PHP developers is ready to take up any challenge, and is adept both at reworking the existing applications as well as starting fresh from concept to delivery.

The next step in open source web development involves various time-tested Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and DotNetNuke. Once we deliver custom websites or applications based on one of the CMS, anybody in your organization, even the non-technical people, can add, edit and modify the content without our help.

Open Source E-Commerce Development

Having an online business is the most cost-effective mode of business you can think of. They can give a perfect combination of free hosting to a world wide of people, across all boundaries. Our open source e-commerce services include custom solutions in:

Open Source Portal Development

Web portal gives a perfect platform to provide a vast amount of information on various subjects at one place. When it is combined with open source, it’s even better as the services are absolutely free. We provide various kinds of portal development, including Horizontal and Vertical Portals, Community Portal, Regional Web Portals, Corporate Web Portals, and Domain-specific Portals (finance, travel, hospitality services, real estate, etc.)