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Be The Boss

It is always difficult to start. Once it’s started, it gets going...

Be the Boss

Be The BossElephant Consulting Wishes Happy New Year 2015, to all its Readers. We have got some tips to share with all our readers and colleagues on the occasion of NEW YEAR 2015. The tips are for startups i.e. the companies or new businesses stumble or struggling to withstand in the market and failing to find proper direction during the initial period or any stage.  We have tried to focus on few basic important issues or points that if solved can uplift the moral and stature of the company. Any feedback are appreciated and welcomed at darshan@webelephants.com

We have tried to comprise our explanation into 10 topics that we feel most prominent amidst others and are of much importance when it comes to initiating or organizing yourself as a successful start-up. I will do direct communication here with you.

Give it a Start

It is always difficult to start. Once it’s started, it gets going. For example: You’ve decided to take a walk to a small distance from your house where no transportation facility is around but you’re bit hesitant as it’s likely to rain, so just give it a start and once you’ve started and covered a good distance, it will not matter then, if it suddenly starts raining; you’ll find ways to toughly tackle the situation. You’re slightly wet in the mid way now and have no option available to look for, then to walk back home either by enjoying rain or waiting in shelter (if available) for the rain to stop. The choice is yours but you will have to walk that you initially decided to do. Company structures . Changing situations on the way forward will help you to learn and take actions (be the boss) on demand so give it a start as that’s what is very important and then things get going.

Be Your Domain Expert

Start business that you’ve knowledge in or Gain knowledge of that business before you commence it else you may stumble to run it effectively.  Your client is not as skillful as you are and that is the reason why he/she has approached you with some expectations of getting good work done through you so make sure you’ve sufficient knowledge and expertise to cater client’s precise needs at the end of the day.

Speak Up Truth & Only Truth

Always speak truth. No matter how small your company is. I have seen people showing dream world to the clients about their strength and size in turn they fail to meet client’s expectations.  Simply tell your clients truth about your company’s size and capabilities. Keep this thing in mind that you’re also a client with some other company, think about a feeling, if you’re not being spoken truth from your vendor. “There is no harm in saying you’re a 3 people team” Just be honest and go with the truth to demonstrate what exactly you’re. With honesty and truthfulness you can showcase to be transparent. Transparency is very vital to build trust.

Make True Commitments and Promises

Adapt selfless approach. Have Humanity and Be Honest. Honesty is the best policy. Never give false commitments or promises to clients that you’re unable to fulfill. Your clients have right to know, what you can do and what you cannot. You should be crystal clear in presenting yourself about your skills, capabilities and abilities. Demonstrate yourself in the best possible way you can. Learn to say “no” if you cannot afford or capable to do it. Simply give true commitments that you can fulfill at the end of the play.

Sell What you Like

Do what you like to do and sell services or products or items that you love and are confident about. You can do market research to improve product or services but don’t blindly focus or follow market or what your competitors are doing. Don’t compare yourself with others. Doing a business of your choice, in the creative way you want it to be done, is all your freedom. Live your freedom the best way you can. No one can teach you on what you know best about.

Invest Rightly and Smartly

Investment is kind of risk that you take in business. Don’t falter in doing investments especially in marketing your services.  Invest on right people, skills, materials, requisite equipments and essential service departments at the right time when it is needed. Don’t compromise investment for the right deserving candidate or essential machine equipment or department. Don’t invest everything in a single go instead breakdown your investment plan into small milestones or partitions. Decide on “Must to Have” items on priority over “Nice to Have” Items. Invest as you forecast growth. Investment is a continuous process so invest as you step ahead in small breakdowns and this way you can stand out to avoid gradual downfall, if something awry occurs.

Live with the feeling of Start Ups 

Every Morning is a New Day ! You work every new day to grow everyday. I would reckon each and every company on this planet as a start-up i.e. “Start-Up” term applies to all entities working in any sector. Live with the feeling of “Start-up” at every single stage, throughout your business journey. If it’s having 3 people team, 10-50 people or 50-500 people, the company in every stage should be considered and treated as start-up. Keeping a feeling of “start-up” will always remind you your initial experiences when you had learned from your struggles. Having a sense of “start-up” will keep your mind and desire open for new learnings and achievements. It should be a never ending incessant feeling. So always keep yourself ready for struggle and open for new learnings or opportunities.

Strictly Follow Ethics

Irrespective of any circumstances, don’t fall prey of going wrong or get entangled taking wrong paths to earn and grow. Sooner or later you’ll confront downfall by picking a wrong path. Stick to the basics in worst situations, simply follow ethics and ask your employees to do the same.  There will be an unexpected situation and a certain window of opportunity or an option to find a way to cope up with or solve it. From above “Give it a Start” topic’s example, I can say, it may or may not rain but if you’ve decided to go out then be tough to go out. Trust your gut and take a chance to go out. Regretting for actions not taken can sting worse than mistakes. In the midway, you’ll be left with no option, if any untoward or uncertain thing happens, then to walk back home or find a way to the apt solution. The path in the mid way will act as your teacher to teach you. There is a phrase which says “When the going gets Tough, The tough get going” means “When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder than ever to meet the challenge.”

Do Proper Management

You should trust your employees and as you have trusted them earlier, is the primary reason why they are with you and even employees expect to be trusted. So trust your employees and in return, they will trust you back.  If you start imposing strict rigorous working rules on them then that will not help you or your employee either. Be polite with your employees, give them some liberty and open tension free environment/space to enjoy their work. Empower your employees to take decisions and give responsibilities to them. Motivate and Respect them. Break the shackles and free them to work creatively and enthusiastically. Be a nice friendly boss rather than being a rigid one. Get rid of probation and contract procedures. Stop insulting them with unusual or strange company rules in every step of procedure that harm trust and hamper their work opinion or freestyle working. Simply Trust Them. It is the Trust that will pour sense of job liking, job stability and job security in them. Educate your goals clearly to them. Set a broader view of company’s vision and purpose into their mindsets that economic progress is to be focused in favor of nation’s growth and not just limited or restrained to their or company’s material growth. A purpose of larger sense gives rise to source of larger working strength. The purpose determines the power. Make your employees powerful and free them in terms of their thoughts and working process.

Be the Boss

Keep Smiling…Smile is the only Curve that does everything Straight. Be your own boss. Keep Calm. Be Strong, Confident, Unique, Enthusiastic, Energetic and Positive. Stay Healthy and Fresh. Be Alert and Keep your eyes open for all happenings around you. Nobody is bigger than you. Nobody is your boss. You’re the boss of your own life and business. You are master in the area of your earned expertise. Discuss with every team member to take views but in the end you’re the decision maker. Control and Get away with Your Emotions and Sentiments when it comes to business.  Give Equal importance to all clients whether it’s your brother or someone else, treat all of them equally. Make your own strategies and methods. Don’t be a freebie i.e. never do work for free for anyone.  Respect your efforts and Value them. Never compromise price over quality, you’re capable of producing. Don’t follow market blindly. Don’t compare with competitors. You decide your price. You know your services or skills or efforts or product value better than anyone else on this globe. Neither market nor client can incur or judge or decide on your valuable efforts.  Set and follow your own worthy rules/principles instead of following or copying someone else’s. Find ways to improve yourself. Set targets or goals that are difficult to achieve and work with full dedication to meet them. This way you’ll discover your maximum potential.

If you think, we can add more to it for the betterment of Start-ups and Business Owners, then feel free to write us at: darshan@webelephants.com