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Business Solutions

Content Management System

In any website, content is the king. Creating the content is not a hard task as much as managing it. For instance, if you have an e-commerce site and you suddenly want to introduce new products or revise the pricelist. For large organizations, it may not pose problems as they have a suitable Content Management System (CMS) in place. But for small and medium scale e-business sites, the absence of CMS may spell a disaster. They cannot simply run to their web developer every time they wish to do a small change to the website.

So what is CMS and how does it help you?

As said earlier, content needs lots of changes, sometimes on daily basis. That is why WebElephant brings a perfect solution to tide over such problems. With your website tied to the CMS developed by us, anybody from your organization, even the non-technical people, can execute changes in your website.

Now See the Benefits of CMS:

The main benefit of CMS is that it allows you to add, delete, edit, modify, and update content quickly anytime, anywhere; it just needs a computer with an internet connection!

  • CMS is an admin controlled system and a part of your website.
  • CMS does not require programming or high technical skills.
  • CMS allows you full control over website size, content, design and graphics.
  • CMS saves you time and money as you need not approach the web developer.
  • CMS is customer and search engine friendly as fresh content gets precedence.
  • CMS offers greater consistency, increased security and site flexibility, and improved site navigation.
  • CMS streamlines the authoring process by supporting decentralized authoring and reducing duplication.
  • CMS offers faster turnaround time for introducing even the smallest of alteration such as replacing a word to changing multiple pages.
  • CMS reduces site maintenance costs to a great extent.

We offer solutions by tying your website to time-tested content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. Call us anytime.

Advantage of Ecommerce Business Solution

Simply said, e-commerce means buying and selling goods or services over the internet. There are manifold benefits of running an online trading site over the traditional trading system. Some of those are:

  • 24/7 customer access: no shutdowns, employee strikes and adverse weather
  • Cost reduction all the way: minimum workforce, paperwork and no overheads like lighting, air conditioning, water, parking, etc.
  • Higher profits
  • Instant product and stock updates and product demos
  • Secure multitier pricing options
  • Increased market penetration
  • Cost effective marketing and promotional activities

WebElephant experts will take you bit by bit through each level of developing an e-shop – from secure order processing to ultimate dispatch of goods. This includes technology expertise, designing and creating the apps, and incorporating the best online trading practices. This also includes highly scalable and customized solutions in osCommerce and other shopping carts, integration of payment gateway to cover all major credit cards and PayPal, and revamping of your existing e-commerce site.

It also helps that we have a proven track record in completing challenging web projects using ASP or ASP .net, PHP, JSP with powerful backend like MySql, MSSQL, and Oracle.

Advantage WebElephant Ecommerce

The WebElephant e-commerce solution provides you:

  • Eye-catching, custom-built e-shop as per your specifications
  • Pre-loading of initial products before handing you the site management
  • Product management to manage products, its details, pricing and shipping
  • Built-in image editor for uploading product image(s)
  • Customer account management for buyers to manage their own order
  • Efficient order processing system to manage all orders, refunds and returns
  • Complete shipping management integrated with courier tariff or based upon product weights
  • Simple, easy to use interface for shop and order management
  • Integrated payment gateway connected to all leading online payment processors
  • Powerful site search facility and search engine marketing tools to find each product
  • Free technical support and full product training
  • No recurring charges: once you buy the solution it will belong to you
  • Email Newsletter module allowing constant communication with previous and potential customers about new products or news
  • Written using the latest online software technology, ensuring your online shop is always live, secure, fast and efficient