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Job Board script

Start Job Board Website – Fully automated solutions for new & existing Job Board

Job Board Script– A online software to handle completed flow of Job Board website

Multiple revenue earning options with our Job Board script. Earn on posting,Premium Services & Banners

Build Job Board Website From Idea to Concept With Us

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  • Details Job posting
  • With business profile & logo
  • Attractive website layout (Free)
  • Membership to invoice all integrated
  • Options for premium upgrade
  • Responsive ready
  • 100% Admin controlled
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Expand & Grow online

Customize & Grow with Job Board Script

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There is huge Internet audience that is looking for wide variety of jobs . So requirement is huge for corporates, small business & niche blogs to put in the job boards. MakeYourSoftware.com provides complete solution for Job Boards. Ready-made company . We have two different versions available for Job board application.

Every company, regardless of size, has an HR division that handles the hiring of new employees. A local mid size manufacturing company was finding it tougher than ever before to find employees who suited their needs. This led them to look into ways that they could get in touch with people who were qualified for the job. When third party job listing sites failed them, the only option left was to add an open position section to their website.  Within a matter of days this led to several qualified applications arriving, and in turn new employees being hired.

The biggest benefit of listing new job postings online is the audience that you can reach. By using the newspaper to list jobs you will get in touch with a lot of people, but the fact of the matter is that you will miss out on a lot as well. But when you list jobs on your website you know that people who visit will have direct access to a lot of information.

Additionally, your own listings can never get overshadowed by those of other companies. This is a huge problem when companies use third party sites. You may have the best job opening in the world, but if it is lost in the crowd it will not do you any good.

Finally, you can save a lot of money by posting jobs on your own website. Gone are the days when you had to pay for third party services or for an ad in the paper. You can update your listings as often as you want without having to pay any money.

Overall, more and more HR divisions are leaning towards listing open jobs on their websites. check the domain translate The benefits are nearly endless, and as technology advances things are only going to get better.

Software is ideal for small & big business or Website Owners planning to deploy job boards for revenue generation on their website. Our solution comes in easy to install package.

Further we undertake job website customization as per the client requirement, for more information please get back to us with our team at makeyoursoftware.com

Job Script Highlights

  • Display featured Job ads on the home page of the website
  • Create & manage sections, website categories from the admin
  • Display detailed Job ad & profile in Search engine friendly manner
  • Easy to register (Free or Paid) business membership website
  • Easy & user friendly business search
  • Easy to customize for various industry & niches
  • Crafted in PHP / MYSQL

Job Board Script ( Small Biz version )

  • Easy to search
  • Easy to navigate Job board
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Ad Posting from Admin
  • Banner Ready
  • Easy to brand

Job Board Script ( Business version )

  • Easy to search& Advance search option
  • Easy to navigate Job board
  • Unlimited Categories / Housekeeping
  • Ad Posting from admin& client side
  • Banner Ready
  • Easy to brand
  • CV Builder
  • Separate logins for business users & executives

Job Portal Script General Features

  • Section / Categories + Search
  • Registered business users can create business profile
  • Track Business Stats from the marketplace
  • Business Profiles & Categories are search engine friendly
  • Ability to put logo and pictures, google map
  • Post Ad Postings
  • SEO friendly pages
  • Integrate & Sell Banners on your directory website ( google adsense ready )
  • WEB 2.0 Features : ( RSS, Social Bookmarking, Facebook & Twitter Integration )

Job Portal Script Administration Features

  • Manage Users ( Business , Candidate )
  • Manage Packages
  • Manage CV’s
  • Manage Job Postings
  • Manage House Keeping
  • Manage Banners
  • Manage Invoices
  • Manage Pre-Custom Emails