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Working Style Patterns Following Nature’s Rule

Nature's rules are the rules that regulate and run the universe. We can’t go against nature instead we adjust/adapt ourselves with the nature ...
WebElephants - Working style patterns following nature's rule

We all have heard about nature’s law or nature’s rules. To describe it in simple words, these are the rules that regulate and run the universe. We can’t go against nature instead we adjust/adapt ourselves with the nature and varied climatic conditions like heat, cold and downpours. We can’t resist daytime to turn into dawn and dawn into nights. We go through different phases of season. Our life is cradled from nature so does it confront/travel through different variations, stages and levels of ups and downs like nature. Everything that we develop moves around the nature’s rule or it has got to be made with respect to nature’s rule. In the same way every process or routine that we make or perform in our day to day life or business should obey and go with the rules of nature as going against it, could bring disturbance or failure or destruction so if it’s a human or it’s developed process or business process should abide to the nature’s rule in order to sustain and survive. Let’s study, how efficiently sustainability and survival can be gained in business process or project process or any process.

Any process or projects or business we undergo should have a well defined road map and planning with regards to current and future needs of the business. We should define comprehensive project/process life cycle in advance to make it successful. Process formation plan should involve all team members of the process in the form of a cyclic chain instead of a linear chain where sustainability, performance and profitability can be measured or achieved. The process cycle should diversify team across generations to utilize wide range of qualities like experience, thinking, energy and capacity of each team member. Work together as a tree. Planning and Execution should be done systematically and not compartmentally because every part of the tree plays different role and contributes to its growth.

There should be transparency and understanding amidst team members. Everyone should know and have an equal opinion as which member will handle any particular task and which will not. Work and approach in groups towards following any process or project cycle. Nourish and protect the learners in the group. Most animals travel in groups, flocks, gaggles and prides. Packs supply strength and efficaciousness.

Improve performance, energy and efficiency with each project/process cycle i.e. to adapt, improve and specialize accordingly to the changing demands of the project/business processes. Evolution and Adaption to the changing environment is the strategy for long term survival.

Develop a system and design a metrics, to transfer/share right/required information/actions/activities pertaining to the project to the right person at the right time. Nature brings the right information to the right place at the right time. The leaves crimp when a tree needs water, when there is rain, the crimped leaves move more water to the root system.

Maintain a proper balance and size of the team/process structure ensuring it doesn’t over exceed or get downsized. If a body organ grows too big to support itself, it collapses. Keep resources/members once assigned to the project, till the project is completed. Keep these experienced resources for future projects too. Show patience and don’t expect immediate satisfaction from them. Have these experienced resources working with you till they can be renewed. Nature doesn’t buy on credit and uses resources only to the level they can be renewed.

Waste nothing, recycle everything and use it whether it is efficiency, opportunities, time or utilization of resources etc. don’t let it go waste. Adapt eco-minded practices for your business processes or project processes to bring about a successful change in your business practices or project processes or any execution processes for survival and sustenance. In the end the one who is fit and accustomed to the nature, obeying its basic rules will survive. We all are interlinked with each other in a group through a nature’s cycle; let’s not rupture this linking/relation. We are dependent on each other so let’s come and work together in a group to help each other for sustenance and survival. We have expertise in developing robust websites using latest open source technologies like PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and .net, we also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services so let us know, if we by any means can be of any help to you, through playing our role as a part of nature’s cycle/group in serving for survival/sustenance. You can contact us at sales@webelephants.com for more details on our services and offerings.

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