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Cost Effective and Robust Technology for your Online Business

Nobody knows what coder knows. The whole world is not techno-savvy or technically-sound to decide on suitable technology to build a website for their business.

Nobody knows what coder knows. The whole world is not techno-savvy or technically-sound to decide on suitable technology to build a website for their business. Same websites can be developed using different technologies that are in the market so which technology is a best fit for your business? Which is the cost effective and Robust Technology for your Business? Which technology produces fast, user friendly and light websites? This article is meant for those people who don’t posses core knowledge in website technologies for their business. It is written in laymen’s /non-technical language so that even a person having basic or no knowledge on technology can understand.

The writer of this blog doesn’t have an idea on business of readers though writer suggests using WordPress technology see why and how, WordPress is preferable over any other technology by most of the people?

WordPress Technology is commonly used to build Website these days by people due to its high scalability, crystal clear framework and low pricing. It is very common and used worldwide due few reasons and Features as mentioned below, that make WordPress unique and thus it has become the technology solution for any business

– CMS Structure that helps in saving money
CMS (Content Management System) helps you to manage your content with ease i.e. you can do the editing stuff on your own without a designer to do changes in the text hence money can be saved here. You can add as many content pages you want through admin panel (Admin Panel is where the website content/User Side/Front End is managed or controlled or regulated). Images, Videos etc can also be added easily.

– Smooth Navigation and Easily Accessible
Website made using WordPress are easy to navigate and access from any part of the world. These websites are not heavy to load due to its simple coding framework and structure. It provides best user interface and experience.

– Fast Updates
Since the website can be updated with in quick time through admin panel without bothering any designer or developer hence the communication speed with the site visitors’ increases and site visitors could get most timely and current details possible.

– Clear and No Confusion for Visitors
Site visitors will get clear picture on the website pages irrespective of number of pages that are added through admin panel.

– Flexible
Website can be updated with new feature enhancements with ease due to its uncluttered framework

– In Built Features
WordPress is itself a CMS and contains many more in built features like blog Facility, Search Facility, Newsletter etc.

– E-Commerce Features
It has almost all e-commerce features to run the business efficiently. Any open source (free) shopping cart (online purchasing cart with features to place order) can be easily integrated with it in no time.

– Easy to configure and Install
Website can be developed with in short time span in comparison to other technologies i.e. Website can be developed with faster turnaround time.

– Plugins, Widgets and Add-Ons
Plugins are small add on programs to enhance the capability of the blog software. There are various plugin, widgets and ad-ons compatible with WordPress that increases the website capability in low price than any other websites which are built in using other technologies. For example SEO plugin, Google Map Plugin, Social Networking plugins (to share blog, pages or other items on sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc)

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly
SEO process is to improve website ranking in different search engines like Google, Bing etc. On Page Optimization can be done for website. i.e. Keywords, Meta text, Meta Tags and Title can be set through admin panel. The construction of WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code usage that Google finds very receiving for indexing. With the right setup, it is easy to customize every page or post that will lead to highest possible probability of getting the pages in high search results positions.

– WordPress Programmers are everywhere in the world
WordPress programmers are easily accessible and gettable in any part of the world.

– Free Templates
From the WordPress Design library there are many free ready-made design templates available for the users to pick from and can be customized as per one’s need.

– Security
The website is fully secure if being developed by professionals so there are no security lapses if being given in right hands.

– Browser Compatible
It is compatible on all browsers like firefox, chrome etc.

– Complete Package
WordPress technology is a complete package solution to develop fully functional, cost effective, robust and dynamically strong website for any business. Time, Money and Efforts all are saved.

WordPress Technology is Best for a start-up business as it is cost effective.

Five Benefits to having a WordPress based Website.

WordPress Technology is best to use over other Technologies. See How

You can gain more knowledge on WordPress over our Blogs

For the above few mentioned reasons, WordPress would be a best fit for your business.

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